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Syringe Filter

How they are produced?

The membrane filters are welded in injection moulded polypropylene housing, then the upper part of the housing is welded ultrasonically and then the unit is tested for membrane integrity, leakage and pressure baring capacity. Once it passes all the tests, the product is printed and packed. 

Sterilized syringe filters are individually packed in a PVC blister, hot sealed with medical paper and then sterilized through E.T.O. gas exposure after printing.


•    HPLC solvents sample filtration. (N66 Syringe Filter)

•    For aqueous as well as organic solvent filtration. (N66, CA, PVDF Syringe Filters)

•    Suitable for filtration of Protein solutions. (CA Syringe Filter)

•    For analytical and research applications. (PVDF, PES Syringe Filters)

•    For air sampling. (PTFE Syringe Filter)

•    Used under extreme chemical and temperature conditions. (PTFE Syringe Filter)

•    For non-aqueous base organic solvent filteration. (PTFE Syringe Filter)

•    Ideal for filteration of highly aggressive colloidal solution. (PTFE Syringe Filter)

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